December 29, 2010

List Maniac #13 - Dying to read in 2011 (YA)

We all have our go-to authors, and books we just can't wait to get our paws on, this is my list of such books in the YA front.

Awaiting1The Piper's Son by Melina Marchetta (March 8th)
This is definitely my most awaited book. I'm a long time fan of Melina Marchetta (like I have said countless times!!!) and I can't wait to get myself re-acquainted with Tom Mackee (from the Saving Francesca fame). All the reviews I've read so far have called it brilliant and, when it comes to Marchetta, I don't doubt it. For me, few people write contemporary like her, with such urban, authentic feel. And yes, I'm putting the Australian cover because the US one sucks.

What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen (May 10th)
I'm a Sarah Dessen fan girl, have been for years. I trust her when it comes to the books she writes. I may not loved them all, but I never feel like it's time/money wasted when I read her stories. The summary for this one is rather vague, but again, I trust Dessen to deliver. And her covers are so cute.

Lost in Time (Blue Bloods 6) by Melissa de la Cruz (October)
We don't know much about it yet, but Misguided Angel was surprisingly good - the non-Schuyler parts. And I can't wait to read more about the adventures of Mimi and Oliver and of the Chen sisters and the Lennox brothers (whom I want to marry each other and have super Venator babies), and just what comes next for the Blue Bloods.

Awaiting2Abandon by Meg Cabot (April 26th)
One, it's Meg Cabot, than in and of itself merits being put on this list. but also is a re-telling of one of my favorite myths - Persephone and Hades -and I have been waiting for it for years (I think I first heard about it about 2 years ago). I've loved the stuff Meg has been writing lately - like the Airhead series or Insatiable - so I'm so looking forward to it.

The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson (April 26th)
I openly admit it killed me not knowing what the hell was in that last envelope during 13 Little Blue Envelopes. I want to know! and Maureen Johnson better not cheat me out of it (or if she does it, she better do it in a bloody-brilliant way), because I need to know and I will spam her twitter forever if she pulls another Scarlet Fever on me.

Supernaturally by Kiesten White (September)
Paranormalcy was such a great kick off of this series, and even though it was sort of self contained, I'm really looking forward to see what happens next in the over-all arc, and with Evie and Lend. I think this is the sequel I'm most looking forward to.

Awaiting3The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong (April 12th)
Okay, so I read Darkest Powers, and I sort of loved Derek - and Chloe, though mostly Derek (maybe I love him so much because Chloe does *g*) - and even though I know they will not be the focus of this new series, I'm still happy to go back to their over all world and learn more about this other group of teens. Plus, I hear Chloe and the gang might show up sometime.

Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins (March 1st)
Though I liked Hex Hall a lot, I had to admit I felt a bit like I was left hanging with that ending, so I totally want to know what happens next, learn more about Sophie - her father, her powers -and about whatever evil is out to get her.

But I Love Him by Amanda Grace (May 8th)
Amanda Grace is a pen name for Mandy Hubbard, and I recently read You Wish (and loved it) so I decided to check out this one as well. It has a darker subject matter - that of an abusive relationship - but I like Hubbard's tone and writing style, and I hope it translates.

Gallagher Girls book 5 - though I think this won't come out until 2012, I'm not really sure. But hell! After Only the Good Spy Young, I'm can't wait to read this one!! What will happen to Cammie? to Mr. Solomon? to the Gallagher Girls as a whole?!!

So those are my YA books! I'll be posting the Romance novels I'm dying to read, soon.

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