December 3, 2010

Book Blogger Hop #12

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme hosted by Jennifer@Crazy For Books. This week's question is:

"What very popular and hyped book in the blogosphere did you NOT enjoy and how did you feel about posting your review?"

Well, there had been plenty. Twilight for example (which I never reviewed because it was a DNF for me), or The Hunger Games (which I did finish and reviewed). Elizabeth Scott's books (I tried two, Living Dead Girl and Stealing Heaven) and I'm sorry to say I've never gotten the awesome, though they are well written. Famously, I dislike Frankie Landau-Banks, which some hail as a staple of YA culture (I found Frankie supercilious and annoying). Twenty Boy Summer, another flop for me (hated the characters but thought the writing was lovely).

And there are a couple of much beloved romance authors that just don't click for me (like Meredith Duran, for example or Anne Mallory), no matter how awesome others claim them to be.

Some I have reviewed, some I haven't bothered. I do feel a bit queasy when I say "I didn't think it was all that," but when I started this blog I did it with one thing in mind: Reviewing is a matter of personal taste. I try not to bash, sure. But I also try to give my honest opinion and to be consistent.

Over years of doing this I've come to realize than moods and personal experience can affect my thoughts on a book, so I also state that when I realize it's happening - like it did with Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy, I first read it when I was feeling generally crappy and stressed out about school, almost a year and a half later I revisited, and found that I quite liked it.

Beyond that, I now know how I feel about hype (I often don't like it) so I try to let it die down before I decide to read a book.

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