December 11, 2010

You Wish by Mandy Hubbard

You WishKayla's sixteen birthday is so not going as expected. First, her mother is forcing a Sweet Sixteen party on her (a party geared to make her mom look good, since she's an event planner), and then her best friend Nicole decides to go on a date with her boyfriend (promising to arrive just an hour late, tops!).

On a whim born out of anger at the whole situation, Kayla makes a wish before blowing the candles, she wishes all her wishes came true because they never do.

Next thing she knows her life is upside down: there is a pink pony in her backyard, a guy named Ken is following her around, and her childhood friend Ann (as in Raggedly Ann The Doll) shows up, all wild red hair and unfortunate clothes. Every day, one of her pasts wishes comes true, even as she scrambles to find a way to stop it, because Wish 15 simply cannot happen!

Wish 15 was that Ben Mackenzie would kiss her. Ben, the one guy who shares her warped sense of humor, who sits next to her during math... Ben who is dating her best friend Nicole.

Oh! I loved You Wish! Kayla was so easy to relate to - she's cynical, and tends to mock stuff she secretly wants but knows can't have, she's loyal to her best friend, even though their friendship is struggling lately. And her wishes were so believable, they were really stuff that any girl would have wished for at some point or another. I could see her grow and change from the first page to the last, and that was just so wonderful to see, and I loved how unflinching she was at her own shortcomings once she realizes she backed herself and her life into certain corners.

Ben, Ann and even Ken were such great characters too. Ben was dreamy, I would have totally crushed on him when I was 16, he's such a normal, easy going guy - talented and cute but normal. Ann was awesome, she said and did the things I would expect my confidant teddy bear to do if he ever came to life, I loved her. And Ken was always good for some laughs.

I had a bit of a problem with Nicole... she wasn't the best of friends during this story, but I'll take Kayla word that she's a better friend than shown. Over all, I totally recommend You Wish.

Favorite Quote: "My happiness doesn't rely on other people. It doesn't depend on them needing me, wanting me, approving of me. It's inside me, just where it was when I was little and My Little Pony reigned supreme. (...) Somehow I lost the power to be happy, but I'm taking it back. Starting today. Today, I choose me." - Kayla
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