December 10, 2010

At the Movies: Tangled

TangledRapunzel lives in a tower, her only company a small chameleon named Pascal and her mother who doesn't want her to ever go outside because, according to her, evil people are after Rapunzel's magical hair. Rapunzel tries to be content but she was one wish in her heart: to see up close these mysterious lights that always illuminate the sky on the night of her birthday. She wants to know the source and the why of such lights, mostly because part of her feels that they are just for her.

When her mother refuses the wish a couple of days before her 18th birthday, Rapunzel decides she has had enough of waiting in her tower, and she's ready for adventure. And when opportunity presents itself - in the form of Flynn Rider - Rapunzel decides to size the day and go after her dream.

Flynn is a thief, who's currently being chased by the palace guard and his ex-partners in crime, from whom he stole a crown. He finds Rapunzel's tower and tries to hide there, but Rapunzel has other plans in mind...

Tangled was such a joy to watch! Sweet but full of adventure. I admit I got teary eyed more than once. I liked the play between Flynn and Rapunzel, the way the banter and fight, and the way they save each other over and over. I love that Rapunzel's weapon is a cast-iron skillet! that just made me laugh every time. And Pascal! YAY for Pascal.

I think Rapunzel marks a change when it comes to Disney Princesses - the same way Ariel marked a change, it was with her that princesses became more proactive, but Rapunzel takes it to a new level.

Go see it!

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