June 26, 2010

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

hex hallAfter one too many spells go terribly wrong for bumbling witch Sophie Mercer, she gets sent to Hecate Hall, a reform school for Prodigium (witches, fae, shape shifters) so she can learn to control her powers (or else).

Having been raised by her human mother, Sophie is quite out the loop about all things magical, which quickly makes her stand out at Hecate (or Hex Hall, as her new roommate Vamp Jenna calls it) and not exactly in a good way.

Teachers are hard on her, her classmates ignore her, the three most popular witches of the school hate her, the cute guy she sort of likes is dating one of those witches who hate her, and Jenna, her only friend, is probably the most disliked person at the school. And when something very bad starts to go down at Hex Hall, Jenna is the number one suspect.

I found Hex Hall to be funny and interesting and with lots of twists! There is a bit of a Bard Academy vibe to it (at the beginning) and a bit of The Craft, too; but it has its own unique voice. Sophie was funny and kind, a loyal friend even when afraid and brave when needed to be. I just really liked her. Archer -the aforementioned Cute Guy - wasn't as developed a character as I would like, but I can sort of see why the mystery was kept up about him.

I definitely cannot wait for Demonglass (the sequel) coming up March 2011. (Warning, the summary of Demonglass contains spoilers about Hex Hall).

Favorite Quote: "Oh my God. Regret cake? Whatever was about to happen must be truly evil"


  1. Oohh, nice. I need to pick this one up really soon... Sophie sounds great :)

  2. Love the endorphins quote above. I love legally blonde. Anyways, I loved this book and Sophie as a character. She was full of humor (along with her friends) I can't wait til Demonglass comes out next year.


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