August 30, 2012

Speed Date: About Last Night by Ruthie Knox

Gotta Love this cover!
The Deal: For the last couple of years, Cath Talarico has dedicated herself to living a sedate life, trying very hard to put her wild-child days behind her. She even moved to London and took a job at a museum. She was doing well, even if she was a bit bored. Until the morning she woke up in City's bed. 

City is the pet name she has for one of the regulars at the train platform where she takes the tube to work. They had never really spoken, but Cath knew all she needed to know about City at a glance: he probably worked at the financial district, was too rich, too handsome and probably too uptight. 

City's real name is Nev Chamberlain and though some of the things Cath thinks of him are right - he is rich and does work at his family's bank - others aren't. Nev is warm, fun and a great painter. And he has taken a liking to Cath. 

My Thoughts: About Last Night was a fun book to read. I didn't like Cath all that much, she often got on my nerves but I really liked Nev! He is a really good guy who understands her pretty well and never, ever gives up on Cath even when she made me (as a reader) want to give up! 

Cath had reasons to be the way she was, but she was a bit melodramatic. Other than that it was a pretty soldi story. Fair warning, though! I think this is being marketed as an opposites attract book, but I don't think Cath and Nev's personalities are dissimilar enough to warrant that marketing. They are different people with different backgrounds but I didn't think it was their 'opposite-ness' that drew them to each other. 

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Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom Giveaway Winner!

Hello everyone! Just a quick note to announce the winner of the Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom giveaway.

I picked the winner using Rafflecopter and the winner is:

Tobi- Dawne has already been notified and has 48 hrs to claim the prize!!

Thanks everyone who entered!!! *hugs*

August 29, 2012

Book Review: Can't Buy Me Love by Molly O'Keefe

At First Sight: Tara Jean Sweet has clawed her way out of the gutter and for the last four years has been living a life she can be proud of - even if it does involve designing leather clothing that's right at home at a hooker's wardrobe. 

But then she agreed to play Lyle Baker's fiancée just so he could annoy his children into coming back to the ranch they swore they would never set foot in again. 

And, if it were up to him, Luc Baker would have kept it that way. As a successful hockey player, he has no need for the old man's money or anything he has to offer. And he doesn't want to reconcile with him. But his younger sister Victoria is another story. 

Recently widowed and with no money, Victoria wants her inheritance - for herself and her son - but she has never been able to face her father alone so Luc - who's still reeling from a possibly career ending injury - finds himself back in Texas. 

And, as life takes it's course, Luc finds himself working with Tara Jean, and discovering she's not exactly the Bimbo Barbie gold-digger he had her pegged for. But Tara Jean has a past that might just be coming back to bite her behind. 

Second Glance: At the beginning, I wasn't sure I was going to finish Can't Buy Me Love. It wasn't really because of the book itself but because it kind of reminded me of Rachel Gibson's hockey books. In the end, though, it was mostly a passing resemblance, probably because Luc is a hockey player. 

I have to say that I really enjoyed Tara Jean and Luc. Tara Jean has done pretty questionable stuff in the past but she's trying to keep her life at a place where she's okay where she is, she's very resilient and I admire that. Luc was a really good brother and uncle, and he was fun to read about even though he has a lot of anger toward his father and he doesn't really understand Tara Jean's affection for the old man.

Together, they had pretty strong chemistry and I like that. 

Also liked Luc's mother Celeste - a former model who came of as bitchy half the time she was being nice, which made me smile. And Eli, the ranch's foreman. 

I didn't like Victoria, though, she annoyed me a lot - I mean, I understand she wasn't at a great place mentally or emotionally after what happened with her husband but she wore her desperation without  any dignity and that made it that much harder to like her.  

I wasn't crazy about Tara Jean's ex either but he served his purpose as a plot point. 

Bottom Line: Can't Buy Me Love is a pretty good contemporary romance, with likable characters and a nice set-up. Some parts worked better than others with me, but over all it was an enjoyable read. 

August 27, 2012

Book Review: For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfound

At First Sight: Many years ago, an experiment gone wrong - an event known as the Reduction - decimated the population and divided it into two classes: the Luddites - an equivalent to the aristocracy - and the CORs (Children of the Reduction) whose intelectual capacity was greatly diminished and they remain under the care of the Luddites and are often treated as slaves. 

The Luddites shun all type of technological advances, as they see technology as the source of the Reduction.

Elliot North is a Luddite and for her, life is all about her family's estate and her days are consumed with plots and plans to keep things afloat, not only for the comfort of her own family - her careless father Baron North and vain older sister Tatiana - but also to protect the workers, many of whom can't fend for themselves. 

If she ever thinks of another life - and of other people - she quickly squashes those thoughts away. Up until a desperate business venture puts Elliot in contact with the Cloud Fleet - a group of shipbuilders and explorers who aren't afraid of progress or technology - and Captain Malakai Wentforth.

Once upon a time, Elliot knew the Captain, only that back then his name was just Kai, and they loved each other... until Elliot chose her duty to the North estate over the love they shared. 

Second Glance: I was so looking forward to reading For Darkness Shows the Stars, the premise sounded pretty cool and I kind of liked that part of the story was inspired by Jane Austen's Persuasion. Plus, the cover was really pretty.

In the end, though, it was just a case of a pretty cover and a less than stellar book. 

The whole Persuasion thing? yeah, it was pretty faint, and the bulk of the story was a strange, not very well developed dystopian society where things didn't make much sense. What's more, you get thrown into the world without a word of explanation, so you read quite a bit before you get an inkling on what exactly Luddites, CORs and Posts are. Eventually it all makes sense, but I just didn't care by the time I got there. 

I didn't like Elliot or Kai, they were just meh, and their interactions often came off as fake. Also, they indulged in one of my bookish pet peeves where Character A asks Character B to do something, and B insists over and over that he/she just can't do it... only to turn around five pages from the end and do exactly what A asked them to do in chapter one. 

That was the last nail on the coffin of this book. 

Bottom Line: The nicest thing I can say about For Darkness Shows the Stars is that it has a really pretty cover (though the more I look at it, the girl's face does look a bit weird). The story had promise but it had a personality crisis, it didn't know if it was a re-telling or not, if it was historical or futuristic or dystopian or what. 

August 25, 2012

Book Gossip: Project Paper Doll - The Rules by Stacey Kate

Well, now, I'm a really big fan of Stacey Kate - I love her Ghost and the Goth series (Alona Dare is exactly my kind of ghost) - and a few days ago she reveled the cover of the first book in her next series "Project Paper Doll: The Rules" at IceyBooks (she's also running a giveaway of it!). I like the cover - it has a Person of Interest vibe - and it story sounds pretty awesome!! 

Here's the summary (courtesy of Good Reads

1. Never trust anyone.

2. Remember they are always searching.

3. Don’t get involved.

4. Keep your head down.

5. Don’t fall in love.

Five simple rules. Ariane Tucker has followed them since the night she escaped from the genetics lab where she was created, the result of combining human and extraterrestrial DNA. Ariane’s survival—and that of her adoptive father—depends on her ability to blend in among the full-blooded humans, to hide in plain sight from those who seek to recover their lost (and expensive) “project.”

But when a cruel prank at school goes awry, it puts her in the path of Zane Bradshaw, the police chief’s son and someone who sees too much. Someone who really sees her. After years of trying to be invisible, Ariane finds the attention frightening—and utterly intoxicating. Suddenly, nothing is simple anymore, especially not the rules…

This book comes out April 2013. 

August 24, 2012

Book Review: A Lady by Midnight by Tessa Dare

At First Sight: After a rather lonely childhood, Kate Taylor found friends and a home in Spindle Cove as the town's music teacher. Her life was pretty tranquil and uneventful until the day the militia came about and with them Corporal Samuel Thorne. 

Thorne has been hardened by a difficult childhood and a life-time in the military. And for the last year he has kept his distance from Kate, for reasons he doesn't really want anyone to know, especially Kate. 

But when the Gramercys - an aristocratic family - come calling, claiming that Kate is their long lost cousin, Thorne's every instinct is to protect Kate because, really, that's what he has been doing most of his life. 

Not that he particularly wants her to remember that. 

But the Gramercys are in Spindle Cove to stay, at least until they can take Kate away with them. 

Second Glance: A Lady by Midnight was a fun read over all. I thought one of the things that worked really well was the relationship between Thorne and Kate. Whenever they went together, the story turned fun and engaging and I wanted to keep reading. 

Sadly, there wasn't nearly enough of them together. 

And then, there were the Gramercys. 

God, I hated them. 

They were kooky and unconventional to the point of being silly and annoying. I know Spindle Cove is a place all about acceptance and being yourself and whatever, but this bunch was a little too much, and the took up too much time of the story. Time where I found myself thinking "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn about you crazy lot", over and over again.

And, in the end, I found them to be a very selfish group, they are not bad people per se, but I did think they were selfish. 

Bottom Line: I'm not entirely sure Tessa Dare's is ever going to be a favorite author of mine, but her writing is solid and, oddly enough, I do want to read the other books in this series. I just thought that the story would have worked better without the Gramercy Twist. I was over it the moment it happened.

This book comes out August 28th. 
*Would be less but Thone and Kate are really good together for the most part and there is an adorable  dog, so that gives it extra  points. 

August 23, 2012

Speed Date: Pleasures of a Tempted Lady by Jennifer Haymore

The Deal: Captain William Langley was on a routine patrol, looking for a pirate when he found a woman and child drifting in the Irish Sea. Big is his surprise when he realizes that the woman is none other than Meg Donovan, the only woman he has ever loved and whom he was prepared to marry eight years ago. 

As far as everyone knew, Meg fell overboard the ship taking her and her twin sister Serena home to Antigua, and she died and her body lost at sea. But, instead, Meg was captured by a ruthless pirate and held captive all this time, serving as a companion to the pirate's wife and surrogate mother to their child. 

Now she's on a run for her life, and for the life of the child she loves as her own, and will stop at nothing until they are safe, even if it means she can't trust her family or Will, whom she never stopped loving. 

My Thoughts: Pleasures of a Tempted Lady reminded me why I don't particularly enjoy Ms. Haymore's books. While the writing is really good, her plots tend to go way past convoluted and directly into the implausible territory. 

I don't want to hold this particular book responsible for the whole thing because the convoluted started with Confessions of an Improper Bride - first book of this series - where there was an identity switcharoo that seriously complicated things in this book. And because of that, everything in this book was a little more unbelievable and unnecessarily complicated.

The characters were okay, but the situations they found themselves in kept me raising my eyebrows and saying "oh, really?", and I didn't really buy the 'happy ending'. There were some parts that I just couldn't buy into. 
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August 21, 2012

Book Review: Persuade Me by Juliet Archer

At First Sight: For the last 10 years, Anna Elliot has been telling herself that rejecting Rick Wentworth was the right decision, that it was just a summer fling and that she made the sensible choice in the end.  But when he finally returns to England after 10 years spent in Australia, Anna can't help to doubt. 

Plus, she's totally agonizing about possibly, maybe seeing Rick again. 

In the 10 years since their separation, Rick went and made something of himself, becoming a respected marine biologist and writing a best-selling book - titled Sex in the Sea. He is the rock star of scientific writing, and even has a super model girlfriend to prove it. 

What's more, he doesn't forgive and certainly doesn't forget. 

They both think they know what'll happen once they cross paths again, but neither is prepared for the feelings that never really went away. 

Second Glance: I hope I didn't give much away with the summary, but really Persuade Me is a modern retelling of Jane Austen's Persuasion, so you know, it's not like the plot is a big mystery since, as far as I remember, Persuade Me follows Persuasion pretty closely. 

I greatly enjoyed Persuade Me, and a lot of it was because of Anna and Rick. They are both deeply flawed characters - Anna is basically a spineless wimp, particularly when it comes to her sisters, father and other assorted family members and she has a tendency to take Russian Literature a bit too literally; and Rick has clung to the chip on his shoulder so hard and for so long that sometimes it seems like that's all he is, and he can be a bit vain. 

Still, they are essentially good people: Anna loves her nephews, is a good friend and if she does let people walk all over her, she's also smart and tries to do her best under the circumstances. Rick is very close to his older sister and can be capable of great kindness when he notices something is wrong. 

My one complaint is that the story does go a bit in a circles toward the end, and that you never really get to see Anna and RIck together as a couple because the whole point of the story is for them to persuade each other to give the other a second chance. 

Bottom Line: Persuade Me is very much a story of second chances and for that alone I would like it, but it turns out it's actually quite good. I enjoyed the characters and the modernization of the situations and characters of Persuasion because they made sense. 

Favorite Quote: "But now his instinct was to find Anna again, and recapture that feeling of happiness tinged with misery. Or was it misery tinged with happiness? No that it mattered. All he knew was that he had to be with her, and pain or pleasure was pretty irrelevant."
starstarstarstar1/2Personal Favorite
*Put the link to the ebook because it's only 2.99!

August 19, 2012

Book Review: She Tempts the Duke by Lorraine Heath

At First Sight: Following the sudden death of their dotting father, who happened to be the Duke of Keswick, the Easton brothers - Sebastian, Tristan and Rafe - find themselves prisoners in their own state, Pembrook, at the mercy of their uncle and sure they are about to be murdered.

They are rescued by Sebastian's best friend, Lady Mary, but the reprieve is short lived as the boys aren't sure who to trust and Sebastian decides they need to split up and return when they are older and stronger and able to take on their uncle, and the boys reluctantly split up, promising they'll return in 10 years to claim whats theirs.

For Sebastian - the oldest and rightful Duke - returning to Pembrook has been the obsession that has kept him going through the horrors of war in Crimea and helped him survive wounds that took almost half his face. Upon returning though, he realizes that things will never be easy.

His brothers are loyal to him, but their lives haven't been easy and part of them does resent Sebastian for the decision he made, he has few allies among his peers and his Uncle might still be out to kill him. 

For her part, Mary paid dearly for helping the boys, but has finally managed to get her life back on track and is getting ready to marry a young viscount. She's also one of the few people who welcomes the Easton Brothers back, and she will do anything she can to help them out, even if it goes against the wishes of her father and her fiancé. 

For her hear has always belonged to Sebastian - at least, to the boy she once knew... 

Second Glance: I had very high expectations for She Tempts The Duke. I have read a few books by Lorraine Heath before and I have quite loved them. Ms. Heath has an uncanny talent to make me cry with her stories and I sort of expected that from this book. 

However, I think the emotional punch of the story was a bit lost among the set up for the series. I managed to connect with Mary, to like her and feel for her, but the guys - particularly Sebastian - didn't have the same effect on me. 

Rafe and Tristan are still a bit of a mystery and I'm waiting for their books to make a decision on them, but I didn't like Sebastian all that much. I grew tired of his inner monologue about how he didn't have a choice but to leave his brothers behind, and no he doesn't think he did anything wrong and he isn't good for Mary. He said it OVER AND OVER AND OVER. He even used the same words. 

Bottom Line: Aside from the fact that I think the book went around in circles quite a bit, it wasn't bad. The story was decent and I liked some characters. I just had trouble with Sebastian, but I'm still planning on reading at least the next book of the series. 

August 17, 2012

Pushing the Limits Giveaway Winner!

Hey Boys and Girls (though I think it's mostly girls!) !!!

First I want to thank everyone who participated in the Pushing the Limits Giveaway, the response was amazing! Thanks!!! *hugs*

I think that, out of the giveaways I've hosted in the blog, this one was the one with the most entries!! Thank you for making it a success. 

Anyway, I'm happy to announce that the winner is:

I've already contacted Maneesha and she has 48hrs to answer. :)

Once again, thank y'all for participating, and please also check out my Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom giveaway

August 16, 2012

Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom Guest Post + Giveaway

From the same authors behind the amazing, lovely and just plain awesome Goddess Girls series - Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams - Heroes in Training is a new series that takes a look at what it took for some familiar deities to become the stuff of legend and myths. 

The first book is called Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom, and I'm very happy to welcome Ten-year-old Zeus to the blog, since he has graciously agreed to play some This and That with as part of the Heroes in Training Book Tour (click here to check out the previous stops of this tour) 

Lets get on with it: 

Drums or Guitar? Guitar. But not the electric kind. I have this phobia about anything electric. You would too if you’d been zapped by lightning as many times as I have.

Forest or Beach? Beach. Last time I was in a forest, evil King Cronus tried to eat me. I fixed him though, heh-heh. (But what happened after I threw a thunderbolt down his throat wasn’t pretty.)

Noise or Silence? Silence. I got used to it when I was living in a cave on the island of Crete with only a goat, a bee, and a nymph who didn’t speak for companions. Now Hera and Poseidon drive me crazy with their noisy bickering.

Donuts or Cookies? Either. I’m just happy not to BE the snack.

Science or Sports? Sports. If Ultimate Thunderbolt Hurling was an Olympic event, I’d win the gold!

Evil Mastermind or Superhero? Superhero. Someone’s got to overcome King Cronus and his army of Cronies. Speaking of Evil Masterminds… he’s got that title sewn up!


Here is your chance to win a copy of Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom and a bookmark just enter the form bellow:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Rules:
Must be 13 or older to enter the giveaway.
Must have an US/Canada mailing address.
No need to be a follower of this blog to Enter.
Prize will be sent directly by the authors. 
Winner will be chosen using Rafflecopter.

About the Book:
Life on the Greek Island of Crete is megaboring for ten-year-old Zeus. Except for the stormy days when sizzling lightning blots chase him around. He’s been zapped dozens of times! He’d like to escape those pesky electric shocks. And he also longs for adventure.

Zeus gets his wish--and more than he bargained for--when he’s kidnapped by three half-giants—henchmen of the evil King Cronus. After braving a terrifying ship ride, constant threats of becoming snack food, and some oversized, boy-pecking birds, Zeus finds himself in a showdown with an entire army of half-giants. He grabs the first thing he sees to defend himself from a nearby stone—which turns out to be a thunderbolt with a mind of its own! With the help of the annoying Bolt and a talking stone amulet, young Zeus sets off on the adventure of a lifetime: a journey to find his destiny as King of the Gods.

August 14, 2012

Cover Love: Return to Me

Justina Chen (Headley) is one of my favorite authors ever. She writes incredible, strong heroines that always have me cheering up for them. Return to Me is her first book in alost three years and I'm really looking forward to it.

Summary (From Good Reads)

Three months before Rebecca Muir is set to begin college, her father reveals a secret that tears the family apart: he is leaving them. 
In an instant, Rebecca’s life crumbles—she has to rely on her mother now, when her whole life she’s been her father’s girl; she’s not sure she can trust her high school boyfriend; and her carefully planned-out life suddenly feels all wrong. 
Reb’s journey takes her across the country and back, and is for anyone who has experienced uncertainty or betrayal. This book will inspire readers to overcome life’s challenges and come out triumphant on the other side.

Return to Me will hit shelves on January 15th, 2012

August 13, 2012

Speed Date: Strange Bedpersons by Jennifer Crusie

The Deal: Tess thinks that she has been there-done that when it comes to Nick, a successful and ambitious lawyer that she had been seeing for a while. Nick is gorgeous and she enjoys his company a  lot, but ambition always gotten in their way- he has a lot, she doesn't have any - and she likes to tell herself that she's so over him, she only wishes her body would agree too.

Particularly after Nick shows up at her doorstep... and convinces her to play his fiancée for an upcoming weekend-work party that could make or break his career. 

My Thoughts: There are many things I appreciate about Ms. Crusie's writing. I appreciate her humor, the way she can write engaging stories with a fairly simple prose, and that she writes older characters (her heroines and heroes are usually in their mid to late thirties or early forties). 

I don't appreciate Strange Bedpersons. 

I liked Nick, he was okay, he was a hard worker a little obsessed with his work but he didn't go out of his way to make other people's lives difficult, nor did he screw people over to climb his way to the top. And a number of secondary characters were nice too - like Tess' friend Gina or Nick's best friend

But boy, I hated Tess. She has this whole money = bad thing going on, and it was annoying. Her only reason to have a job was so she could scrape by, and volunteer the rest of her time to a literacy foundation, which is good of her, but she does it with a holier than thou attitude toward everyone that doesn't do the same. 

And she kind of ruined the whole book for me. 

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Because I have my day otherwise engaged, I decided to post it early this week! 

August 12, 2012

Book Review: A Night to Surrender by Tessa Dare

At First Sight: At the very edge of England, in a place called Spindle Cove, Susanna Finch has created a safe heaven for women - those who have been disenchanted by love, wallflowers who need to find the courage to be themselves, girls enamored of the wrong men - where they are surrounded by friendship and companionship. 

But the quiet Spindle Cove is greatly disrupted when Victor Bramwell - newly appointed earl of Rycliff- arrives in town with the idea of forming a milita to protect the town. Bram is a war hero who was badly wounded, and after a tough recovery he can't wait to be back in the front, and successfully forming the militia in Spindle Cove might be his ticket back to the front.

Not that the female residents of Spindle Cove are very receptive to the idea.  

Second Glance: A Night to Surrender kicks off the Spindle Cove series and it's the first book by Tessa Dare that I've ever read. 

It had a lot going for it. I thought both Bram and Susanna were lovely characters, each left scarred by the battles they have fought in life and they were both far from perfect. They were obstinate and reluctant to see the other's side. But through it all they respected each other, particularly once they began to understand why they were the way they were. 

Susanna's needed to protect everyone in a way she hadn't been protected when she was a girl and was subjected to some pretty awful medical treatments that nearly killed her. Bram needed to feel useful, to build and leave a legacy and he was pretty close minded about what said legacy should be. 

I liked them and I liked them together, it was really good to see them working together and they certainly had chemistry. 

On the other hand, I felt like there were just TOO many characters introduced all at once, and the ending felt a little anti-climatic. But I'm willing to believe this is all because this is the first book on the series.

Bottom Line: All in all, A Night To Surrender was a good start of a new series, and I enjoyed Ms. Dare's writing -even if it took me a little while to get into it - and I do plan to keep following this series. 

Favorite Quote
As she advanced, something bleated at her, as though chastising her for trespassing. She stopped and peered at it. "Did you know there's a lamb in here?"
"Never mind it. That's dinner."
She gave it a smile and a friendly pat. "Hullo, Dinner. Aren't you a sweet thing?"

"What's that small, fluffy thing trotting at his heels? Some kind of dog?"
Drat it, now she had to look. A Broad smile stretched her cheeks "No. That's His Lordship's pet lamb. The dear little thing follows him around. He's named Dinner." 

August 9, 2012

Speed Date: The Leopard Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt

Current Cover
The Deal: Harry Pye has never had any problem working as a land steward for Lady Georgina Matiland, even though she's a rather unconventional lady and landowner, until he finds himself escorting her back toward her estate in Yorkshire, and they are forced to spend more time together than usual.

Lady George doesn't fit the mold of a society miss, she's wealthy in her own right, too tall and not classically beautiful but, as the sister of an earl, she's accepted in society even if she's not particularly popular. She had never taken notice of Harry, as he tends to blend into the background (by choice) with this brown clothes and brown hair. But his wicked green eyes and dry humor draws her in, bit by bit. 

In Yorkshire, however, there are lots of trouble. As Lady George's estate is next door to the Granville estate, and Harry has a long, complicated relationship with them, sheep keeps on getting poisoned and Harry is being pointed as a possible culprit. 

And the endless Yorkshire rain doesn't help. 

Original Cover
My Thoughts:  I love Harry Pye as a leading man. He isn't as mysterious, flamboyant and dramatic as Simon (from Serpent Prince) and he doesn't have the temper of Edward de Raaf (from the Raven Prince), he's a much more understated sort of hero, but quite alpha in his own quiet way. 

He doesn't throw tantrums or makes wild declarations, but he is very much in charge of himself and his emotions (except where George is concerned) and he doesn't see it like a threat to his masculinity to be working for a female. He likes his job, and is also a very kind man.

Lady George was harder for me to like at times, but she has a good heart and she always means to do well, even if she sometimes gets blinded by her station in life. 

Plus, I really liked the secondary characters and the small cameo appearances by Simon and Edward - I love that this series is connected by the men's friendship.

All in all, the Leopard Prince is definitely on my Top Three of favorite Hoyt books.
starstarstarstar1/2Personal Favorite

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