December 14, 2010

Artemis the Brave Giveaway

I haven't done a giveaway on the blog before, but I'm glad I'm having this one as my First Ever Giveaway! Mostly because of the "Super Cute"-factor and the fact that I love the Goddess Girls.

To celebrate the release of Artemis the Brave (Goddess Girls #4), authors Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams have kindly put together an awesome Swag Bag.

GG4This awesome bag contains::
* Artemis's puppy! An 8 1/2 inch plush dog named Amby--short for ambrosia, food of the gods! (Yomiko) (Isn't it super cute?)
* Nail polishes
* Bangle bracelets (mudd)
* Goddess Girls bookmark
* Autographed copy of Artemis the Brave

And it can be yours!! Simply leave a comment and tell me:
Who is your favorite God or Goddess? or What's your favorite Greek Myth?

Give away is US-Only
Leave a comment answering either one of the questions above, and email address so I can contact you should you be chosen
Winner will be announced on January 1st, 2011.

That's it!
Winner will be chosen on January 1st at random.

Other books in the Goddess Girls Series:
Athena the Brain Finding out she’s a goddess and being sent to Mount Olympus brings Athena new friends, a weird dad, and the meanest girl in mythology—Medusa!
Persephone the Phony Hiding her feelings works fine for Persephone until she meets a guy she can be herself with—Hades, the bad-boy of the Underworld.
Aphrodite the Beauty Sure Aphrodite is beautiful, but it’s not always easy being the goddessgirl of love.
NEW! Artemis the Brave (Dec. 7, 2010) She may be the goddess of the hunt, but that doesn’t mean Artemis always feels brave.
Athena the Wise (April 5, 2011)
Aphrodite the Diva (Summer 2011)

For more info on The Goddess Girls Series, visit:

I'll be listing the names of everyone who enters the giveaway here, and giving them an order (as they sign up) so on Jan 1st I can just use a random number generator to select the winner. If there is a mistake or I omitted someone, please let me know.

1. Sara (Contact Me palge)
2. oohaiabsolutelylove
3. Barb Eppenger
4. Becky Howell
5. Small_Review
6. J.R. Hannah
7. Griselda Santos
8. Kristen

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