December 31, 2010

Anime Addiction: Magic Knight Rayearth

MKROne day, by chance, three young girls were visiting the Tokyo Tower on a school field trip when a bright, blinding light illuminated the sky, and a voice pleaded for help. Next thing they knew, Umi, Fuu and Hikaru had been transported to the world known as Cephiro.

Promptly they were told that there was only one person who could help them return to their home: Princess Emeraude, who was currently being held captive by high priest Zagato. It was the princess voice the one they had heard, her will what brought them to Cephiro - for in Cephiro, everything is ruled by the will of it's pillar, the Princess.

Knowing only this much, the three girls set out on a (reluctant) quest to become the Magic Knights, and quickly become friends - fighting for one's life has that effect on people. Their ultimate goal is to help the princess, even if they are not exactly told how.


Once the girls finally get to Zagato and kill him, it turns out things weren't as they thought. The Princess didn't want him to die - she loved him with all her heart! -she wanted them to kill her, as her love for Zagato was killing the planet. Zagato was just protecting the woman he loved, because he thought it was so unfair she couldn't do anything but pray for the well-being of Cephiro.

Back in Tokyo, Umi, Fuu and Hikaru, struggle to make sense of what happened, of the things they had to do. Gathering in the Tokyo Tower once more, they are mysteriously transported back to Cephiro.

There, they discover that the beautiful planet they had left behind is crumbling, that three other planets are poised to conquer Cephiro and become it's new pillar. They come face to face with Zagato's brother Lantis - the only magical swordsman left in Cephiro (and so damn hot!). They are faced with the consequences of their actions and a desperate search for a new pillar.

But what will happen... if history starts to repeat itself?

Let me tell you something about Magic Knight Rayearth: it opened up my world when I was 13 years old -barely a year younger than Umi, Fuu and Hikaru - because this was a story where there was no black and white, no pure good or pure evil, but everything in between. The princess ultimately does something very selfish, Zagato is not such villain as one would think (though he is, in fact, my second favorite villain of all time).

MKR, completely changed my perception of what a hero was. These girls with their mistakes and their struggles and their unbelievably beautiful swords and powerful magic... they were so vulnerable and unsure, yet so brave.

MKR also has Lantis who is my ultimate anime-crush (he has held that spot for 13 years!) and to this day his voice does things to me.

And, aside from that, is so very entertaining and fun to watch. CLAMP at it's best if you ask me.
Personal Favorite Personal Favorite

Since today is my birthday, and the end of the year, I decided to talk about one of my favorite series of all time, and hope that maybe some of you will check it out.

Happy New Year!

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