December 15, 2010

Persephone the Phony by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

PersephoneWith a mother that is always telling her to 'go along to get along', Persephone rarely gets to do what she wants or say what she means. She just tries to make everyone feel comfortable and doesn't want anyone's feelings to get hurt.

She even pretends to like the same things as her best friends at the Mount Olympus Academy. She goes shopping with Aphrodite, pretends to like knitting for Athena, and says Artemis' dogs don't bother her at all, even though they are kind of smelly.

So, when she meets bad-godboy Hades, she's surprised that he actually likes to hear what she has to say. And thought their friendship is new and everyone else thinks he's bad news, Persephone feels like she has finally found the person with whom she can stop being a phony and just be herself...

I love, love, love Persephone! She's my designated goddessgirl best gal pal. As a young girl, I so often found myself in the same possition as she: trying to please my friends and going along with their schemes even though sometimes I didn't want to, so for me it was an instant connction to this girl who always means well but loses herself a little in the process. I loved seeing her find her way.

And Hades was so cute! I know, I know he's the godboy of the underworld, but he was cute. I could see the shyness underneath it all.

Persephone the Phony is such a lovely story about seeing beyond appearances and asserting oneself. And I can't wait to read the next installment of the Goddess Girls.

Favorite Quote: "So? Just because someone comes from the wrong side of the world, it doesn't mean they aren't worth knowing" - Persephone.
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