Word of the Month

I'm going to be adding the words of the month here. I think so... maybe.

We'll see!!

1. A foolish or stupid person.
2. Fool, Simpleton
Origin: Unknown
Examples: Quit acting like a nincompoop!
First Known Use: 1676

1. A pampered o effeminate man or boy.
2. To treat (someone) with more kindness an attention than is appropriate.
3. To treat someone too nicely or too gently.
Origin: Molly, nickname for Mary
Examples: The coach has been mollycoddling the team's star players.
First Known Use: 1833

1. Ineffective, indecisive person.
2. A man lacking in courage and other qualities deemed manly.
3. A dish of bread soaked in warm milk, generally given to infants and invalids.
Origin:Middle English, literally, bread soaked in milkExamples: He's a Milksop
First Known Use: 1350 -1400

1. Senseless talk or writing.
2. Nonsense.
3. Stupid or illogical talk.
Examples: Balderdash!! (sorry, couldn't find worthy examples without curse words ;))
First Known Use: 1674

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