December 20, 2010

The Search by Nora Roberts

The SearchFiona came to the small island of Orcas to start over after escaping a serial killer and losing her cop fiance nearly 10 years ago. Now her days and life and devoted to her business as a dog trainer and to her volunteer work as a canine search-and-rescue specialist.

When Simon Doyle arrives to her house one day with a plea for help training his new puppy, Fiona gives in, starting an unexpected friendship with Simon. Simon who knows as much of her past as she chooses to share, who has a bad temper - though he tries hard not to lose it - and who makes beautiful pieces of art out of wood.

But, when women start to disappear and found dead in a similar pattern as the killer Fiona escaped, her orderly new life is threatened and she she's surprised to find comfort and love in Simon - who still swears up and down that she isn't his type.

Okay, so I totally love the Bride Quartet, and I decided that I wanted to try more by Nora Roberts, so I picked up The Search because it sounded interesting and it had dogs in it (I'm a big sucker for animals in stories). I'm sad to say I'm disappointed. The book was entirely too mechanic for me. I really liked Simon and, to some extent, I liked Fiona (though her Independent Woman crap, got on my nerves), but I never bought them together and I hated the way they were always pointing out how the other was 'So not my type' or some equal such nonsense.

At one point they are living together but they both still claim is just because 'the circumstances' (e.i. serial killer on the loose). Plus, Fiona has a really annoying way of thinking about everything in terms of dog training... and the dogs were a bit too much (I Know! I never thought I would say the words. I really wanted her to quit it with the dog-talk and dog-thought. I know, I know, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! but it's totally true).

So, I guess that from now own I shall be sticking to the wedding porn and leaving books like The Search aside, at least when it comes to Nora Roberts.

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