September 30, 2013

Book Review: Her Favorite Temptation by Sarah Mayberry

The Deal: After a lifetime spent under her parents' thumb, Leah Mathews has decided to finally snap out of it and follow her heart... right out of cardio-thoracic surgery and into immunology. A move her parents are less-than thrilled about, particularly her mother -a general physician who had to drop out of Cardio when she got pregnant with Leah's older sister Audrey. 

With the time to step back and take a look at her family and it's dynamics, Leah starts to realize things are a bit messed up there - her parents have always favorited her over Audrey and are constantly putting Audrey and her choices down, no matter how hard she works; and Leah herself has always just stood by and watched it. - and she knows things should change but is confused about it. 

Meanwhile, in the apartment next door to hers, Will Jones is in the midst of a personal crisis too. He's one half of a famous rock band and has everything he could ever wish for... but a couple of months ago the doctors detected a tumor in his brain, and he's in a bit of a holding pattern until they can take it out. And even if they successfully do it, there is no telling how he'll come out of the surgery. 

He didn't plan on getting to know his neighbor or getting entangled with her and her problems, but talking to her offers a respite from his own (which he mostly keeps secret). Soon they are sharing talks and pizza and just hanging out... and falling in love.

My Thoughts: Her Favorite Temptation was a freebie Sarah Mayberry put out leading to her newest release Her Favorite Rival (Audrey's story), and I have to say that I quite liked it. 

It's a short novella, so things all happen in a very small time frame, but it works. The particularly vulnerable point in their lives where Leah and Will meet, helps them to move pass their barriers very quickly and get to know each other as they are underneath everything. 

Leah's family was quite bad, I felt really sad for both her and Audrey reading about their parents. By contrast, Will's family was lovely, they all really cared for each other. He was really nice and surrounded himself by nice people. He does do something a little underhanded to Leah but he has his reasons.

Like I said, things do move a little fast with Leah and Will, but it works well within the context of the story, and it is a quick, fun read. 


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