September 16, 2013

Book Review: Voice Over! Seiyu Academy by Maki Minami

The Deal: Hime Kino dreams of becoming a voice actress like her idol Miss Sakura from a very popular anime called "Lovely Blazer!" She even got accepted into an exclusive high school with a Seiyu program (that's what voice actors get called in Japan). 

She starts with lots of hope and enthusiasm but she soon finds herself in the stragglers group along with a guy who can't control his accent, another who can't control his anger (and has a bit of a scary voice) and a girl who talks really low.... and Hime herself has a rather gravely voice. 

Still, the four stragglers work together to try to pull through and it seems to be going all right until the sophomore guys challenge them to broadcasting duel. 

Oh, and did I mention she happens to be going to school with Miss Sakura's super talented son?

My Thoughts: Well, this was a really charming first volume of a brand new manga. Voice Over! Seiyu Academy is quite sweet, and the art is pretty - though some aspects are a bit over designed, like the uniforms - but the story was a bit slow.

This was very likely because it was just the first volume and things were being set up, but I sometimes was left feeling like I hadn't fully understood something and like it was going a bit slow. 

I did like Hime and her new friends, and how she starts to find her own strengths and how she and her friends encourage each other. 

I would recommend this one for tweens or young teens. 

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