December 21, 2012

Book Review: A Flower in the Snow by Tracey Corderoy and Sophie Allsopp

The Deal: Luna and her best friend in the world Bear (who, yes, happens to be a polar bear) enjoy spending their days together playing in the snow. One day they discover a beautiful golden flower that brings even more happiness to their lives... until the flower dies and makes Luna sad. 

In order to see her smile again, Bear goes on a quest to find another flower for his best friend. 

My Thoughts: A Flower in the Snow is a very short but sweet picture book aimed toward the younger kids.

It's a lovely story about friendship and companionship, and the illustrations were adorable. I loved that Bear was Luna's best friend.

If you want to share with your young ones a story that's seasonal but not religiously oriented, then A Flower in the Snow is a very good option. 

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