December 8, 2012

Book Haul - sort of!

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Yeah, I'm not above using a cute dog to get you to look! LOL!!! 

So, I don't really like to make the Book Haul, IMM-type videos/posts anymore, mostly because I'm too lazy but my cousin/twin came to visit us a few days ago and she brought me a bunch of things that she was holding for me in her house in Texas... so, rather than taking pictures I made a video :D 


The Karma Club by Jessica Brody (via Meg Cabot Fiction Club)
I Love the 80's by Megan Crane (Thanks to Daisy@Between the Pages)
Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink by Stephanie Kate Strohm  (Thanks to Daisy@Between the Pages)
The Calling by Kelley Armstrong  (Thanks Liz @Midnight Bloom Reads)
Emma by Jane Austen (Thanks Alex @Blethering About Books)

For Review (thanks William-Morrow Paperbacks!):

Well, that's it from me. 

Oh! Wait, I almost forgot about the Karma Club book trailer!!! So here it is:

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