December 9, 2012

At the Movies: Pitch Perfect

The Deal: Beca isn't exactly thrilled to start her freshman year at Barden University - where her father works and which she attends for free- she would much rather be in L.A. working toward becoming a D.J. 

But she's stuck at Barden, and eventually agrees to join the a capella singing group The Bellas, even if she doesn't really love the songs they sing. 

Still, the Bellas's leaders Chloe and Aubrey are determined to re-deem themselves after a disappointing performance in the previous year's A Capella National Championships (where Aubrey quite literally lost her cookies), and they put together a motley crew of singing voices. 

My Thoughts: I'm very torn about Pitch Perfect. On one hand I thought it was really funny and I loved almost all the characters, and the singing was pretty awesome. 

I particularly loved Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy, Brittany Snow as Chloe and Anna Camp as Aubrey (she's awesomely neurotic), but I HATED Anna Kendrick as Beca!! She doesn't care about anything or anyone but her dream of becoming a DJ, she's often rude and hurtful toward people who are just trying to be nice to her and I couldn't very well find it within me to like her. 

Also, I understand she was some type of musical genius but I don't understand why Chloe trusts her so fast. I quite frankly couldn't understand why anyone liked Beca, like, at all. 

Other than that, the movie is very funny and if it had had a leading lady a little more likable, I would probably be giving this movie an A. As things are, though, I think is more B- material. 

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