August 11, 2010

At the Movies: Ever After

Ever AfterEver After is a Cinderella type of story about the life and times of Danielle de Barbarac, a young woman left at the mercy of her step mother after her father's death. It has a few enjoyable twists - like its' take on the stepsisters - and a lovely prince.

It's one of my go-to happy movies and I sort of always relate it to summer because I saw it in the summer with my sister. It reminds me of so many good things of my life - like Prep school and my friends - and it's just a lovely, sweet story.

Danielle is a strong girl that saves herself and gets what she wants, and Henry, the Prince, was a great character - unlike in the Disney's Cinderella, he actually talks and has thoughts! - full of doubts and looking for something he can feel passionate about.

What can I say? I go completely swimfan when it comes to this movie.
Personal Favorite Personal Favorite


  1. I love this movie too-I was floored by how amazing it was the first time I saw it-and the way Drew Barrymore looked with her wings at the ball? STUNNING. I WANTED TO STEAL THOSE WINGS.

    Ahem. Anyways, very nice pick ;)

  2. I love this movie!
    I had it on vhs but then lost it lol..
    I need to get the dvd soon, now I feel like watching it! haha



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