August 29, 2010

The Marriage Bed by Stephanie Mittiman

The Marriage BedAfter losing his wife and two children, Spencer Williamson swore he wouldn't be hurt again by loving and then losing the objects of his affections so, when two years down the road, he agrees to marry Olivia -the spinster sister of his best friend- he is mostly looking for a housekeeper and someone to help him run his farm.

Olivia's dream had always been to marry Spencer, she had been in love with him even before he married his first wife. For her, their marriage was the thing she wanted the most. Liv knew he was bitter but thought her love would bring him around, specially if she managed to give him more kids to love.

What she didn't know was that Spencer had no intention of having more children, or loving her.

But when, a couple of years into their marriage, Liv decides to bring her death sister's children into their home, all things begin to change, starting with Olivia herself.

The Marriage Bed is a nice enough book but I didn't love it, mostly becuase I felt there were some issues that were never really explored and there were parts that really made me wince. Other than that, it's good and entretaining and there is a lot of feeling in the book. Spencer was hard to picture as a romantic hero becuase he was so bitter and sour and his pinning for his dead wife annoyed me after a while, but Liv is a nice heorine.

PS - The cover is very Meh.


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