August 24, 2010

Tangled by Carolyn Mackler

TangledFour lives collide in Paradise one spring break, starting a story told over four months.

Going to the Caribbean for spring break wasn't exactly what sixteen year old Jenna was expecting, and she wasn't excited about going since it meant hanging out with Skye - her mom's best friends' daughter - who mostly ignored her and made her feel ugly just by being. No one is more surprised than Jenna when she meets and hooks up with gorgeous, eighteen year old Dakota one night. But she's not as surprised by what happens next...

Dakota is dealing with some stuff, his girlfriend recently died in a car crash and she happened to be in the car with some other guy, leaving Dakota to wonder how much it was his fault that Natalie was even in that car to begin with.

Skye is 'going though some stuff', she broke up with her boyfriend of two-years, and she keeps going on audition after audition, trying to get her big break into stardom and putting on a good face for her mom. She's good at acting but not so good at connecting with her real emotions.

Owen, Dakota's younger brother, likes to spend his days behind his laptop instead of running outside, something that worries his mom a great deal. Owen wishes his mom would back up a little, but maybe her babying will be the thing that finally makes him do something crazy for a change.

That summary was super hard to write!!!!! 'cause all the stories connect and play off each other. I can't say how skilled and talented Carolyn Mackler is to be able to pull it off. These four stories that interconnect and collide once and again, forming a whole.

I don't think I was even very clear on what the story was about until I began reading and it certainly surprised me in all the good ways. These four voices are so distinct, their stories completely different but linked, none the less.

This is an awesome book, and I'm sad it took me so long to get to it. Definitely, Tangled not a book to miss.

Favorite Quote: "I stared at the orange wrappers. They were extra-large condoms. Dual pleasure. My face flushed. Extra large and dual pleasure are two things I can honestly say I’ve never experienced in my life."

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