August 12, 2010

Charming the Prince by Teresa Medeiros

PrinceLady Willow hasn't been happy for years, not since her father married Lady Blanche and brought home Blanche's half dozen children. From a tender age, Willow was forced to play unpaid slave and nursemaid to her step-siblings and half-siblings, while her father stood by and did nothing.

When she's finally reaching her breaking point - thanks to her oldest stepbrother, who has been hinting that he wants Willow for his mistress - an uncanny proposal arrives: Bannor the Bold wants to marry her. Happy to know someone, even someone she hasn't met yet, wants her, Willow accepts the proposal and starts her trip north.

Waiting for her at Bannor's home are his 12 unruly children and the real reason why Bannor wanted a wife: to take care of them.

Bannor has been warring the French for years, and he was never around to see to his children's education but now he's home, not a war in sight and he needs to do something to get them under control. He doesn't want an attractive wife -he rather not have more children - but that's what he gets in Willow.

Okay, so Charming the Prince is very enjoyable and funny, Teresa Medeiros is very good at putting humor in her stories and, over all, I would recommend it but I do have to say that I felt there were a lot of characters - just his 12 kids were hard to remember - and Willow and Bannor went around and around in circles a lot, I sort of kept waiting for something to happen and I sort of had a hard time seeing when exactly they fell in love (for most of the book they don't spend lots of time together).

Still, it was fun, but I have read other books by Teresa Medeiros that I've enjoyed more.

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