August 23, 2010

List Maniac #8 Favorite Girls of Fiction

Okay, I love me one strong heroine or a kick as friend, so here is to the ladies that make fiction awesome in no particular order:

BuffyBuffy The Vampire Slayer
I remember when Buffy first came out, my mom thought it was weird and violent but I watched anyway and became a huge fan. What is there not to love about a girl who is a regular teenager by day and a kick ass vampire killer at night? Buffy embodies the brave and the girly, she's full of sass and style and never gives up. Plus, she said one of my favorite quotes ever: "I've lost many times but no one has ever made me the victim".

DJDJ Schwenk - Dairy Queen
DJ, probably the hardest worker in the history of modern YA. DJ practically runs her family's dairy farm on her own. She's afraid of many things, she doesn't talk much - no one in her family does - but when she dreams, she goes for it. Again, honesty in her voice, bravery in her actions and a core of steel even if her heart is vulnerable.

TomoyoTomoyo Daidouji - Card Captor Sakura
Tomoyo is not the protagonist of Card Captor Sakura - that would be the ever adorable Sakura, whom I also love to death, but I chose Tomoyo for this list because, well, she faces most of the things Sakura does, going along with her friend's adventures and creating awesomely cute outfits for Sakura to go with the whole Magical Girl thing. But Tomoyo doesn't have any of Sakura's powers, all she got is an unshakable trust in her best friend and that gives her lots of courage. I love Tomoyo because she shows you can be sweet and nice and still kick butt, in your own quiet way.

VirginiaVirginia Sherves - The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things
Virginia, the girl who fights to find her place among her thin, beautiful, dark haired family, that claims her body and stops living by the Fat-Girl Code of Conduct. I couldn't help but to love Virginia and her chutzpah. Her voice touched me in a way I can't forget and I go back to her book, time and time again, because there is something so honest about it that I just can't stay away.

MKRLucy, Marina & Anais (or Hikaru, Umi & Fuu) - Magic Knight Rayearth
I call them Lucy, Marina and Anais because that's what they are called in my country but whatever you wanna call them, these three girls re-defined the concept of hero for me. They are magical, the have beautiful swords and they are called to do things that push them to their limits and take big personal tolls, but they do it because it's their mission to save the magical world of Cephiro, from others and from itself.

Okay, so that's it for this list! Hope you enjoyed!



  1. I love Virginia too! When it comes to manga Nodame Cantabile is a favorite of mine :)

  2. Aah I love Buffy! That's a great quote you picked. I rewatch that series almost every year. I'm up to season four right now.

  3. Emily- Virginia is my hero!!

    SR - I love that quote to pieces!! :)I was a fan girl when it was aired, and I got a couple of the seasons in DVD, but I still need to complete my collection.


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