August 16, 2010

At the Movies: Bend it Like Bekham

Bend itJess (Parminder Nagra) has one dream: to become a football star like her idol David Beckham and spends most of her free time playing football with her guy-friends in the park near her home. Her parents don't really approve of it but let her be for the most part.

When Juliet (Kiera Knightly) sees Jess playing in the park one day, she decides to approach her and tell her about the girl's soccer team she belongs to, urging Jess to join. Jules also dreams of becoming a football star, maybe even moving to America to play in the Women's league.

The two girls soon strike a friendship and set out to play some bloody good football, under the direction of their super swoony male coach (a young Jonathan Rhys-Meyers looking super hot!).

Bend It Like Beckham is about a lot more than just girls playing football, it's a story about friendship, crushes and family. Most of all, is about going after your dreams even if it's scary or not what your parents hoped they would be.

Over all, it's the kind of movie that always leaves me with warm fuzzies!

And you can see Kiera Knightly before she decided acting meant pursing her lips!!! YAY!

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  1. couldn't agree more, loved loved loved this movie

  2. i've never seen this movie, but i've heard great things about it. i have never seen this version of the poster but i really like it!!

  3. I LOVE this movie too. Are we movie soul mates??? :D

    Kiera Knightley was really good in this one-but I loved Jess and the hawt coach...swoon<3

  4. found you through the hop. . . i LOVE this movie! I've seen it about 20 times, and I recommend it to all my friends. See Keira Knightly before she was super famous is really nice too. the scene where Jess's relatives drive by, and think that Juliet is a boy (because her hair is cut short) is hilarious!!


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