August 18, 2010

Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs

FinsLily has been in love with Brody since the time she first saw him, swimming in the ocean when she had just moved to Seaview to live with her Aunt and re-connect with her human side.

With her human side, you said? Yeah! Lily happens to be mermaid, but not just any ordinary mermaid, mind you! she's a princess and the heir to her father's kingdom.

Lily, however, is currently under a bit of a deadline, for one she wants to invite recently-single Brody to the spring dance, and for another, she's only staying on land until graduation. Of course, everything in her life would be a lot easier if Quince - the annoying boy next door - would just leave her alone.

But Quince doesn't seem to like that plan, at times it seems like he lives to torment her... if only she didn't find him kind of attractive every once in a while...

Forgive My Fins is a sweet, light read and I liked both Lily and Quince - Brody was a bit vapid, sorry - however, I'm sad to say I didn't Love this one, maybe because I had such high expectations since I did love Oh.My.Gods and Goddess Boot Camp. I liked Fins but it was no love affair.

Granted, it might be my bad since I have to admit all the fish-lang was cute at first but it very quickly got on my nerves, because fishes were such a big part of my major and I sort of hated my major (and fish) after five years of dealing with it daily.

But still, the story is sweet and fluffy and Tera Lynn Childs has a great talent to bring these myths (like mermaids or gods) to life and make them likable. So, definitely read this book, you might not want to look at sushi or tuna for a while once you're done, but hey, you'll enjoy a nice story.


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