September 30, 2008

Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson

Scarlett Martin's summer stretches ahead of her as a long, long period of torture. Starting at her fifteenth birthday things are not going well. Her birthday breakfast goes badly and then she's informed she will not be able to get a job for the summer and instead she'll be stuck working at the hopeless Hopewell Hotel -which her family owns - since the situation is quite dire as less and less guest come.

She's also given one room to care for, the Empire Suite and she's surprised when quickly afterward she gets permanent guest, Mrs. Amberson a C-list starlet from days past; who also happens to like sending Scarlett on errands for organic stuff, flirting with Scarlett's brother Spencer (though is quite harmless) and involving her on crazy schemes.

With the Hotel to save and Spencer's acting career on the line, Scarlett certainly gets a lot more out of her summer than what she bargained for.

I'll say that I liked the book, it started a little bit slow but by the end I was racing through the pages to get to the conclusion, and it's a good conclusion but it also feels like the closing of Part I, if you know what I mean. In fact I learned recently that Suite Scarlett is the first of a series (second being Scarlett Fever coming sometime next year) and it does have a bit of a feel of Book I, but all in all, it's quite good. I specially liked the interactions between the Martin siblings (Spencer, Lola, Scarlett and Marlene).



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