October 6, 2008

Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas

Mine Till MidnightAmelia Hathaway search for her brother Leo brings her to Jenner's a gentleman's club, and to Cam Rohan, the club's factotum, a half gypsy young man who does nothing but ruffle her feathers. After Cam helps her to retrieve Leo - and steals a kiss and a ribbon from her - Amelia doesn't expect to see him ever again, especially since she's moving her family to Hampshire, to the estate Leo has just inherited as he became Lord Ramsay.

The Hathways - Leo, Amelia, Win, Poppy and Beatrix - settle in Ramsay House; and soon after, while running an errand to the village, Amelia wanders into Lord Wescliff's lands and quickly gets jumped on by Cam - literally.

Mine Till Midnight is the story of two people who couldn't be more different but who find each other necessary for their own happiness. Amelia is practical and, after having her heart broken once before, she isn't looking for love and marriage, she just wants to keep her eccentric but lovable family together, happy and safe. Cam is carefree and cursed with good luck, forever finding himself well liked but an outsider as he's half gypsy and half Irish yet he doesn't belong to either word.

Yet, they come together and it's a lovely story to read. Amelia's eccentric family - which also includes Merripen, a gypsy man who might be connected to Cam's past (I know if he is or isn't but that's for another book!) - is adorable and I enjoyed it a lot. It's not my favorite Lisa Kleypas book but it's good.



Ps- Second book in the series is Seduce Me At Sunrise and I'll review that one soon.


  1. Yay Animegirl it is you!!!!!!!!!!!! wohooooooooooooo!!!!!

    LOL I looooooooove Cam he is so hot, Cam is mandis *sighs*.

    Don't you just love what Cam and Merripen turned out to be!!!!!!

    I almost passed out when I read Seduce Me At Sunrise (will wait for your review on that one to talk about it .... but WOW!!!!)

    I really liked this book, like you this isn't one of my fav LK story although Cam is one of my fav LK heroes but to me the story was a little blah or maybe it was the heroine cause the part with the brother was very cool and the introduction of Kev and Win couldn't have been better but that's what I remember most about the book so it can't be good *giggles*

  2. Cam is indeed very hot, I liked him tons. Amelia was harder to like at times but by the end she was okay too.

    But I liked them more in Seduce Me at Sunrise - I haven't have time to do that review yet, but I will.

    I guess is fair to say it was a good set up for the series but didn't stand out much as a romance story.


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