September 1, 2008

Princess Mia by Meg Cabot

Princess Diaries 9
Mia's long time boyfriend Michael just dumped her, well, they sort of mutually dumped each other, and her best friend Lily isn't talking to her anymore and suddenly she finds herself in therapy because she doesn't care about anything anymore and doesn't want to leave her bed.

Things certainly don't seem to be going well for Mia.

However, slowly and surely, with the help of a nutty doctor (Dr. Knutz) and her friends - old, like Tina, and new like Lana Weinberg - Mia is begins to dig her way out of the hole where she had fallen in the aftermath of Michael's leaving and Lily's total bitchy behavior.

And when she discovers that a long ago Princess of Genovia made a decision about the future of the country that could potentially change Genovia as we know it, she takes a stand and sticks to it valiantly.

I loved this book, and okay, I sort of cheated alittle because it was actually an audio book, but no matter. It's funny but a different funny than previous books, it still made me laugh but different, I think Mia is finally growing up and becoming 'unstuck' from her former, more childish self.

After reading as Mia grew up for so many years it was a delight to see her finally come into her own and start to become the awesome young woman she could be.



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