September 7, 2008

Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta

FrancescaOne day Francesca wakes up to find her Mom didn't get out of bed, and she goes off to school feeling a little bit off, but then lots of things are 'off' in Francesca's life, for one her mother refused to let her go to the same school as her other friends from St. Stella's and she ended up going to St. Sebastian's, a school that used to bee all-boys and just opened it's doors to girls.

So, in this year, Francesca finds her self hanging out with the Psycho Girls: Justine, Tara and Siobhan; and battling the St. Sebastian boys - and finding she can even like some of them, some as friends and some as more. And all the while, at home, she's struggling with her family falling apart, with her little bother Luca now depending on her and her frequents fights with their dad as her mother sinks deeper and deeper into depression.

Yet, it's not a sad book, far from it, it's actually very hopeful and I loved being next to Francesca as she learned to appreciate her friends and her family and found her way into saving herself.

Highly recommend this book


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