September 9, 2008

Perfect by Sara Shepard

Perfect (Book three of the Pretty Little Liars Series)

Oh, there are plenty of secrets to go around Rosewood, and they keep destroying our four protagonist's lives. Spencer gets nominated to a prestigious award thanks to an essay she ripped off her perfect older sister Melissa. Emily keeps struggling with her sexuality. Aria has a new boyfriend but keeps thinking on the old one. And Hanna becoming a dork, all thanks to her best friend Mona.

There are more questions than answers in this book, though I found it highly satisfactory, it's fast paced, enthralling and fun. A's tricks keep getting more and more wicked as some people come closer to finding out her identity. Of course A isn't going to make it easy.

Again, these aren't books you can read out of order, but if you stick to them, you're in for great fun.



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