September 25, 2008

Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

Blue Bloods
Schuyler Van Allen feels like an outsider at the prestigious Duchesne school, she has one friend, Oliver, and basically feels like a misfit. Her father died when she was a baby and her mother has been in coma since around the same time, and the only family she has is a distant grandmother who insists she calls her Cordelia.

Schuyler thinks she knows her own story, the Van Allens are a powerful, old family, one of the ones that came in the Mayflower and by all rights should be part of New York's elite, like the twins Jack and Mimi Force who also attend her school.

When she turns fifteen, a mosaic of blue veins begin to show at her wrists and soon she learns of a legacy she could do without, she's a Blue Blood, a vampyre. Only that in this story vampires aren't quite what one is used to.

Some of the commonplace elements are there - like the bloodsucking- but others change, and I'll let you discover them yourself if you read the book. It is a new take on an old story, and it's quite well written, it draws you in; but even so the book feels a little uneven, things are mentioned and then not explained and even when they are the explanations are rarely satisfactory.

And there are certain elements of it that made me cringe, but I guess that's because I was brought up Catholic. Anyway, it is a good vampire book, and it is fun. Kind of Gossip Girl meets Dracula, far better than Twilight in my opinion.


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