September 13, 2008

The Billionaire Next Door by Jessica Bird

Billion Sean O'Banyon is a though and ruthless deal maker, cool and calculating, he rarely lets anything get to him. But there is one thing that can: His relationship with his father. When one night he gets a call from a nurse called Lizzie Bond, informing him of the death of his father, Sean doesn't know what he's in for. Lizzie, for her part, is a hard working nurse, working all hours to pay the bills and support her child-like mother, yet she loves her work, her house and her life.

Meeting Sean was a complete casualty for her, and she doesn't know about him, about his wealth or his power, she just likes him... Of course, things are rarely that easy.

This book surprised me, I mean, I rarely ever read category romance yet this one was amazing, I'll confess that I first picked it up 'cause I learned Jessica Bird and J. R. Ward are the same person, and I wanted to see what she could do outside the Black Dagger Brotherhood; how ever, this book enchanted me on it's own right pretty quicky.

I liked Sean, his motives and fears and, even, his prejudices were well constructed, they don't just sprout out of nowhere. And Lizzie is a lovable and plain nice character, yet she has a backbone to be envied without being a forceful person, and it's nice to see them interact.

Also, I loved Sean's brothers. Billy - who you actually meet - and Mac - who has like, five lines in the whole book but from whom you hear plenty about - and they are both great and I want to read about them, so I hope she writes them too.

starstarstarstar1/2 Personal Favorite


  1. Oooooooohhhhh I always forget that Jessica Bird is the WARDen, I have never read anything from her outside of the BDB (I love you Wrath!!!) this one sounds real nice I'll pick it up soon.

  2. Yeah, the book is actually quite good, but now that I think of I remember JRW said something about her Jessica Bird contract not being picked up or something. So I guess there won't be more books about the brothers.

    My favorite brother is Rhage, I just think it's so adorable they way he loves Mary even though she's not top model material.

  3. Oh, I meant the Sean's brothers (the whole not more books about) not The Brothers from The Brotherhood.


    Oh, btw, she mentions Butch in this book!
    It kind of jumped at me in the page.

  4. My God Animegirl are you trying to kill me, I was like "Nooooooooooooooooooooo I wanna read about Rehv" I almost went into cardiac arrest for a second there.

    Rhage is totally cool.

    I got sidetracked and instead of reading this book I've started reading Leaping Hearts, and it is really sweet, I'm gonna read this one next.

    Have you picked up the Insiders Guide on the BDB? I've started reading it but I've only gotten to read the short story with Z and Bella, sooooooooo sweet.

  5. Yeah, when I was re-reading what I wrote I realized how it sounded!

    I don't care much for Rehv but I'll probably pick it up too. I did read the compendium, but I got bored with it at times. The most dishy stuff were the dossiers, I thought.

    And I must admit I did like the excerpt of LAv, since it sounds like Rehv has been into this girl Ehlena? (I forget where the extra H goes) for a while.

    Oh, and you can call me Clavie, most people do - It's short of Clavel, my favorite flower

  6. Testing something!


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