September 13, 2008

The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn

Grace Eversleigh was coming home with her employer -the dowager Duchess of Wyndham - when they were attacked by a highwayman and his gang, only that this turns out to be a rather charming Highwayman... and the Duchess happens to identify him as his long-lost grandson (son of her favorite son who died in a shipwreck in Irlanda almost 30 years before). Grace doesn't know if it's true or not but she can't help to be charmed and attracted by the sly man who even steals a kiss from her.

But when the Dowager Duchess makes her part of the highwayman's kidnapping, Grace is in and with no way of getting out. Plus, she's not even all that sure she wants out when Jack Audley - the afore mentioned highwayman - comes to live at Wyndham castle while they sort everything out. Jack who loathes his newfound grandmother and can't stand the cousin he never knew he had (and who happens to be the current duke); but he likes Grace. Oh, he likes her very much.

Soon they set on a journey to Ireland and what they find there could possibly change everything.

Okay, I'll say it now, I'm a big Julia Quinn fan I love most of her books but I wasn't happy, neither with the last couple Bridgerton books (I hated It's In His Kiss and Hyacinth) or with The Secreat Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever, not that there are bad books, they are just not that good.

However, I've recovered my faith on J.Q. with this book, it's fresher, it flows and it's just plain fun. Jack is an amazing character, I had so much fun reading his dialogue, and Grace I liked a lot.

It's not my favorite Julia Quinn book but it's a good one and I can't wait for it's companion book Mr. Cavendish I presume, to come out by the end of the month.



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  1. OMG I loved this book, the hero was sooooooo funny.

    Don't bother with "Mr. Cavendish I Presume" Clavie, it is A W F U L!!!!!!!! I finished it yesterday and it sucks!!!!!!!!!

    70% of the book is a repetition of conversations and situations wich we've already read in this one, cause according to the time frame both stories happen at the same time wich sucks big time!!!!! I was skipping conversations and fragments like crazy, and the hero is such a jerk he never changes and never grovels and the heroine is a pushover.

    If you read it, tell me if it's just me.


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