October 3, 2011

Mini Review: Past Perfect by Leila Sales

The Deal: Chelsea has worked at Essex - a colonial reenactment village - since she was a baby. Both her parents live and breath colonial times and every summer she has gone to work there.

This year, her best friend is joining her at Essex and so is her ex-boyfriend Ezra - which sucks since she's not fully over him yet. And, if that weren't complicated enough, she has been made a Lieutenant in the war against Reenactmentland -the civil war reenactment place across the street from Essex - which rages every summer between the young people working at both places.

Being a lieutenant is an honor, but a very complicated one when she finds herself attracted to Dan, one of the civil war warriors she's supposed to hate. But the summer is long and everything is fair in love and (reenactment) war.

My Thoughts: Past Perfect was fun book, I have to say. I didn't love it but I liked it well enough. I can't say that I loved Chelsea - she was too obsessed with her ex and I didn't always agree with the things she did - and her best friend Fiona often seemed pushy to me. And I seriously disliked Ezra - partially because I hate that name.

I did like Essex's war general Tawny; and Dan (he walks in and the story perks up, I swear) and the people from Reenactmentland, they seemed funnier somehow.

The ins and outs of Essex and what it means to work there were funny and interesting, and I definitely loved the setting.

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