October 5, 2011

Book Review: Every Demon Has His Day by Cara Lockwood

Every Demon
At First Sight: Constance Plyd was about to divorce her husband when he turns up dead in the garage of their house. The circumstances are fairly irregular, even though Jimmy was a well known klutz the screwdriver stuck to his back seems to indicate there was some foul play... and Constance might be the prime suspect. 

Constance doesn't think anyone would believe her story of what happen - which involves a mysterious man who disappeared leaving behind a card that turned to ash when she finished reading it - let alone the town's new sheriff Nathan Garrett, with whom Constance once had a one-night stand some 10 years ago.
Now Nathan is back in town and surprisingly inclined to believe Constance unbelievable explanation. 

But that's only the beginning, as there is something seriously fishy going on in town. Constance suddenly can see the ghost of her dead husband, and she's talking to a dog. Oh, and the future mother of the Antichrist might be in town, too. And it's up to Chelsea to make sense of it all.

Second Glance: Every Demon Has His Daywas not at all like I expected, it was very different from the other books by Cara Lockwood that I've read so far. 

It took me a little longer to get into it, I don't know why but I liked Constance and Nathan quickly, and I seriously liked Yamal and Shadow - a Pride and Glutton demon respectively - they were so funny! I loved reading their sections. 

But I found the story a bit convoluted, though the pacing was good. I just felt it was a little too much.

Bottom Line: This is a different type of paranormal book, a good read though not my favorite by this author. 

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