October 2, 2011

At the Movies: Friends With Benefits

When Jamie, a head hunter, hires Dylan to move to New York and work for GQ, the two of them strike a friendship. Dylan doesn't know anyone in the city and Jamie becomes his first friend. 

They learn that they have both gone through bad break ups recently, and often have fun talking about why their relationships haven't worked. And eventually decide to bring sex into their relationship while remaining strictly friends.

But relationships are never easy when you throw sex into it, especially when you really like the other person, and really get to know them and their family drama.

I have to say that though I didn't think this was the most awesome movie ever, it was quite fun. It was very similar to No String Attached with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, but I liked this one better - found a little funnier. 

Plus, after so many years watching That's 70's show, I have a real liking for Mila Kunis so I was inclined to like her character anyway. I don't really like Justin as an actor but he doesn't suck. 

I would say that Friends with Benefits is a good movie to kill time and I give it a B-

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