October 9, 2011

At the Movies: The Princess Diaries

Princess Diaries
Mia is happy going to school in San Francisco and living with her mother. Even though she's flunking algebra and her mother recently started dating Mia's math teacher. She has her best friend Lily and her very own cat, Fat Louie. She's not popular and it's true that Lana - the most popular girl in her school - enjoys teasing her, but she's otherwise quite happy with her lot in life.

But everything changes when the grandmother she has never known shows up to inform her her recently deceased father - with whom Mia never had much contact - was in fact the King of Genovia and that Mia is the new Princess of Genovia.

Mia isn't sure if she has what it takes to be a princess but she submits to princess training and soon finds herself with a new look and a new set of problems, while still trying to decide if she'll accept her post as princess or if she'll turn away from it.

The Princess Diaries the movie is an adaptation of the book by the same name - which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago - and it's fair to say that it's a pretty free adaptation of it. Mostly based on the characters but the situations are different. 

I always have fun watching this movie whenever it's on TV. Anna Hathaway was just so cute playing Mia, I liked the guy playing Michale - I never remember the actor's name but I think he's a musician now - and Julie Andrews as Queen Clarisse was awesome (she's very different from the book). 

I still hate Lily - that doesn't seem to change - but oh, well.  

I give this movie a B+

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