October 13, 2011

Book Review: Overbite by Meg Cabot

At First Sight: It has been a few months since Meena Harper last saw her (ex?) boyfriend Lucien Antonescu  - whom once seemed too good to be true and then turned out to be the Prince of Darkness and ruler of all Vampires. 

Since then, Meena went to work for the Palatine Guard, a secret section of the Vatican that deals with the supernatural., which allows her to use her gift of knowing when everyone is going do die. This means she's in close proximity to Alaric Wulf, the very guard first sent to kill Lucien. 

Ever since Lucien vanished, the relationship between Alaric and Meena has been a little tense, mostly because Meena is convinced there is still something good inside Lucian and has a theory about how even so called monsters can choose to be good. This doesn't sit well with Alaric, who has seen first hand the worse demons have to offer. 

But soon, their lives get ever more complicated as one of Meena's ex boyfriends show up turned into a vampire and soon his whole family is suspect. There is, of course, the fact that Alaric discovered tourists are vanishing left and right in New York City. That one of Alaric's least favorite people, Father Henrique - aka Padre Caliente - is arriving to town. And that Lucien Antonescu might be closer than anyone imagined.

Second Glance: Overbite is the sequel to 2010's Insatiable - which I adored, and not only because it was written by Meg Cabot.- but I have to say that it doesn't live up to it's predecessor. While Insatiable was funny and had this awesome... soap opera-y feel to it, Overbite feels jumbled.

I felt like there was a ton of story lines thrown in together and not all of them were quite what I wanted them to be. It all comes together in the end, but I didn't find it quite as satisfactory as I hoped I would. Plus, while I still thought Alaric was awesome and Alaric-with-a-heart was fun to read about, I found Meena kind of overly dramatic and even annoying at times. 

Also, there is this constant thing in the book where they say everyone's full name. Meena doesn't call Alaric just Alaric; he's Alaric Wulf almost every time he's mentioned; and same goes for Alaric, he's constantly saying Meena Harper. Which made me want to scream that I knew their names already!

I did like Jon and Jack Bauer, but then Jack is ALWAYS awesome.

Bottom Line: I think Overbite should have been edited better into a shorter book, or split to form two. There was ENOUGH fabric to cut, you know? The characters and situations I loved in Insatiable weren't quite as present here. And thought it was a tolerable read, it wasn't my favorite.

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