October 23, 2011

At the Movies: Bride Wars

Bride Wars

Liv and Emma have been friends since they were young girls, and are both currently living in New York City and in committed relationships. Ever since they were children, they have both been obsessed with someday having a June wedding at The Plaza. 

And it seems like their dreams will come true, when their boyfriends propose within days of each other. Soon, Liv and Emma embark on what they think will be a Wedding Planning Fest, and the first order of business is hiring Marion St. Claire to plan their weddings and book the place in the Plaza.

But it all goes to hell when a clerical mistake results on Liv and Emma's wedding to be booked for the same day. And soon their wedding fever starts testing their friendship as the cracks in their lives and relationships start to show. 

I recently re-watched this movie, partially because I'm all for Wedding-Porn and partially because well, it's fun. Bride Wars is the kind of movie that you can easily watch any given afternoon when it comes on TV. I can even put up with Kate Hudson who isn't one of my favorite actresses ever. 

I would give it a solid C+.

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