October 10, 2011

Book Review: Virtuosity by Jessica Martinez

At First Sight: Carmen Bianchi was named after the opera and music runs through her veins. She's a violin player and in line for a very prestigious competition, and the only thing standing in her way is Jeremy.

A fellow violin virtuoso, Jeremy King, is Carmen's biggest competition and biggest distraction. He riles her up and makes her want to stop doing what other people tell her to do. 

Other people being her mother, the once famous soprano Diana. Diana who could never fulfill her dreams of musical greatness and who relentlessly pushes Carmen toward it, even if that means pumping her full of anti-anxiety medications so she can perform even if it leaves her feeling numb.

Second Glance: Oh, Virtuosity, how much I wanted to like you! Sadly, it wasn't so. I can't say what it was but Carmen rubbed me the wrong way right away and I found it hard to read a lot of it at one single time. 

I can appreciate that Carmen, Jeremy and even Diana are very flawed characters and all that, but it didn't make me like them or understand them or anything. I just wasn't able to empathize with any of these characters and that was a big problem with me.  

Plus, Carmen came off as a poor-little-rich-me sometimes. It's hard to feel sad for someone who is described as hugely talented and owns a violin worth a million dollars. I get she's under a lot of pressure but there is no empathy.

The only character I liked was Carmen's step-dad.

As for the whole situation, it was interesting but a little too dramatic.

Bottom Line: I have the distinct suspicion that this book just wasn't for me. I suppose that if you like Carmen you'll find this book a lot more enjoyable than me.

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