January 24, 2011

Bloggiesta 2011 - Wrap Up


I'm so happy I could participate in Bloggiesta this year. It's just such a wonderful event and it always helps me put blogging in perspective. 

This time I:
*Wrote several reviews (of books, movies, and even anime).
*Wrote posts for the Story of My Life section and a few lists (which I tend to neglect).
*Wrote and saved some posts for rainy days.
*Set blogging goals for the next few months. 
*Got a blogging buddy (the awesome Kylie@The Creative Geek )
*Backed up my blog.
*Cleaned some messy html
*Got up to speed with my reading challenges. 
*Decided to re-kindle my relationship with Good Reads (I hadn't entered to my account since January of last year)
*Managed not to go crazy!

And many other wonderful things. Plus, I got to spend some awesome time with bloggers everywhere. 

Bloggiesta, I miss you already.

See you next time.

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