January 21, 2011

Say Hello to Pedro! - Bloggiesta Starting Line!

Bloggiesta is a blog event ran by Maw Books Blog, and it's sort of a blogging marathon aimed toward improving one's blog. 
I participated during the first edition, and it was great, it really helped me to sort of restart my blogging efforts and do it in a more organized way. Sadly, for various reasons, I was unable to participate the last two times.

But I'm back again and ready to roll! For more info, click here

Here are the things I hope to accomplish before it's all said and done on Jan 23rd:
  • Update and try to upgrade site's score
  • Write at least 3 List Maniac Posts - possible topics:
    • Favorite Women of Fiction
    • Favorite Best Friends of YA/Romance
    • Favorite Villains 
    • Most awaited movies
  • Write review of Sense & Sensibility (miniseries)
  • Update progress bars for all the challenges
  • Start the Books Read in January wrap up list
    • Set tags and images for future wrap ups (at least 3 more)
  • Update Books of 2011 List (include links)
  • Set a Key for Book genres and challenges
  • Update Movies of 2011 List (include links)
  • Write at least two Anime Addiction Posts - Posibilities:
    • Card Captor Sakura
    • Gankutsuo
    • Nanoha (Nanoha, A's and Strikers)
  • Write review of The Black Swan
  • Update NetGalley Info
  • Write whatever pending reviews I have. 
  • Set tags, images and list for Short-Reading List.
  • Participate in at least 2 challenges
  •  Back up blog
  • Clean up tags
  • Update Review Policy
  • Update About me page
  • Unveil new review format ? (I'm still not sure about this!)
  • Bring Back Story of My LIfe
  • Write At The Movies and As Seen on TV pending posts. 
  • Try not to go nuts
  • Whatever else I can think of.
  • Visit as many other blogs as possible
So, that's my crazy long list (sorry for all the bullet points, I like to summarize!)

I'm posting this right now, even though kick off is at 8 AM, so I'm in the clear to start then!

Here we go! 

Ps - Kicked off at 10:40 AM

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