January 25, 2011

Book Review: Delivered with Love by Sherry Kyle (Mini-Review)

At First Sight: Claire James' life crumbled when her mom died  a year ago after a long battle with cancer. Having made of her Mom the center of her life for so long, Claire isn't sure what she should do next, and even a year later she's struggling with her grief.

When life with her sister and her husband turns out to be too much, Claire decides to embark on a journey to Capitola, a small town near Santa Cruz. Why Capitola? Well, because of a letter she found in the glove compartment of her Mom's old car.

Claire hopes the man who sent the letter to her Mom, is still there. But, in going to Capitola, Claire might find more than she ever imagined.

Second Glance: Delivered with Love is a sweet story about love, courage and the goodness of people everywhere. I found Claire likable, and she did sound like a 23 year old. On the other hand, I thought they were a little too many characters, and the beginning - when Michael is introduced - is a bit confusing.

Bottom Line: This is a sweet story, it moves forward, sometimes slowly, but it's a nice read. And it comes out on April 2011.

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