January 22, 2011

Blog Goals - Bloggiesta 2011

PedroSo, Amy from My Friend Amy has a mini-challenge going on regarding Blogging Goals. And I decided to post mine here, in the spirit of Bloggiesta (y ole!)

So, after thinking on it for a while, these are my goals:

By Sunday - I hope to be finished with my list and to be up to date with my reviews and other posts. 

By April - I hope to have developed a posting schedule, so the blog isn't left without updates for more than a couple of days (tops). Also, hope to have posts scheduled in advance.

By June - I hope to have a smaller TBR pile, to have my reading challenges under control, and to have adopted a meme or a feature for the blog - other than the Book Blog Hop@Crazy for Books, which I do kind of bi-weekly these days)

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