January 26, 2011

At the Movies: Black Swan

Black Swan
One of the most talked about movies of this season is definitely, Black Swan. 

In basic therms, Black Swan tells the story of Nina Sears, a soloist in a prestigious ballet company. Since Beth, the former prima ballerina, is on her way out, Nina is trying to get a more prominent role in the company. Which is why she's so excited when she's short-listed to get the part of the swan in a new production on Swan Lake. 

But that part - which requires playing the good, white swan and the bad-black swan - and the arrival of a new dancer called Lily, make Nina's life spiral out of control.

And them some other stuff happens, which I'm obviously not going to reveal because I do respect you guys. 

Now, I know everyone is raving about this movie, but I'm sad to say I don't share the enthusiasm. The movie is well acted, it's creepy, and has a good enough rhythm  (though it goes a bit in circles too much for me) but, for me his movie is one of those "Much Ado About Nothing" deals. When I got the end I literally said "Oh, c'mon! Really?" It really ruined it to me. 

Costumes are beautiful and, like I said, creepo magnifico, but still. I give it a C+

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