January 5, 2011

At the Movies: Easy A

Olive, a witty and somewhat cynic but very funny girl lied about having a date so she could get out of going camping with her best friend Ri and her family.

That lie snowballed and gained speed when Ri assumed Olive had lost her V-Card to the fictional George. It so happens that they are over heard by Marianne - a girl obsessed with saving/destroying everyone who doesn't not fit within her strict moral code - who makes it her business to spread tells of Olive's promiscuity all over school.

Rather than play the victim, Olive embraces her new snaky status, unsure of where it will land. Particularly, after a fellow classmate, Brandon, asks her to say they did it too.

As things get out of control, Olive learns that it's not always true that saying of "easier said than done".
Easy A  was such a funny movie!! I was sad I had to wait until I could get it on DVD because it hasn't even opened yet in my country. Emma Stone was adorable as Olive, and I loved all the pop culture references (to 80's movies, books, Judy Blume!).

It is, in some ways, it could be taken as a cautionary tale about the lies we sometimes tell to make ourselves seem more interesting, but I just think it was so damn funny. I liked Olive and her life, her crazy but loving parents, her cute little brother. I even liked Todd (her 'love interest'). Easy A it's the kind of movie you can see over and over and not get tired of it.

Personal FavoritePersonal Favorite, A+


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