July 6, 2010

At The Movies: Never Been Kissed

Never Been KissedSummer is here and I figured it would be nice to feature some of my favorite Summer Movies, so here we go!

Josie has never been one of the popular girls. She's smart, she's okay with her life, she likes her job but, when the opportunity comes, Josie jumps at the chance of a Do Over. For her first assignment as a reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times, 25 year old Josie Geller is going back to high school.

Going back to high school was supposed to help Josie get her big break as a journalist, but it might give her so much more than that...

Throw in a cute teacher, cute guys, clique-y girls, actual friends and Josie's crazy brother and you have the makings of a really good summer movie.

I still remember the summer when I saw Never Been Kissed for the first time, back when I was a geeky girl going to Prep School. I loved it then, and I love it still - I catch it every time is on TV.

Never Been Kissed, shows that it's never too late to find do things right, to find love, to get what you want, to find yourself... and for that, it shall always remain a favorite.
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