July 20, 2010

Insatiable by Meg Cabot

Insatiable... or prepare yourselves for a very long, very gushy review.

Writing for the long-running soap Insatiable is Meena Harper's dream job but it comes with some less-than-dreamy things attached to it, like her new boss Shoshona (who got the promotion that should have been Meena's) and the fact that Shoshona and the network are adding a Vampire story line to the show.

Like Meena doesn't have enough problems of her own, among them the fact that she knows when someone is going to die, and that no matter how much she tries to help, half the time people just don't listen to her. Still, when one night she can't sleep and her little dog, Jack Bauer, pleads to be taken out for a walk - at 2 A.M. - Meena figures it can't hurt. She had no idea that Lucien Antonescu would rescue her, and Jack, from a bat attack outside St. George's Cathedral and that, in doing so, would change her life... and her perception of vampires.

Lucien is none other than the Prince of Darkness in the flesh, come to New York to take care of some unpleasant business that might have something to do with his brother, and maybe to sweep Meena off her feet.

Following Lucien's footsteps is Palatine Guard Alaric Wulf, hunter of all things evil who has an special bad grudge against vampires and who will go any length to see Lucien destroyed.

Allow me to pause at this point to say this is not a typical vampire novel, but it is typical Meg Cabot in that it's made of AWESOME. I'm not kidding.

Meena is sweet and funny (she has a secret candy stash hidden in her office!) but she's also surprisingly clear eyed when it comes to Lucien and Alaric, seeing them for who they are -good and bad - rather than just as a vampire and a hunter.

Alaric became one of my favorite hunters of evil things (I'm putting him up there with Buffy! that's major props!), he named his sword, likes Betty and Veronica comics and has Goofy watch. He's also very good at mercilessly killing vampires.

And Lucien, well, there is no doubt he's a vampire but he's the kind of Vampire I like: he knows what he wants, he goes to get it, he's not one of those who nobly restrains. He's also mature, and very aware of the respectability he shoulders, he acts like a man, not like a teenager.

Aside from these three very strong, awesome characters, Insatiable has a lot more going on. There is this very visual feel about the book - Meg does a great job with descriptions, it was like I was reading in Technicolor - with a dash of Law & Order. Great Pop Culture references without excessive name-dropping, great support characters and just a really well-rounded story.

I'm already biting my nails waiting for the sequel - coming out Summer 2011 - because I just can't wait to spend more time with Meena & Co. This book is that good!

Favorite quote: "Alric didn't give him a chance for any last words. In his experience vampires didn't really have anything that interesting or insightful to say. It was all Shakespeare and emo."
starstarstarstarstarPersonal Favorite

PS - Check out Meg's site, it's full of Insatiable extras!


  1. Wicked cover, I like it. Sounds like a great book.

  2. As much as I love Meg Cabot (and believe me I adore her) I couldn't enjoy this one, I was about to give up when Alaric stepped in the page and things improved, I've never had a good relationship with vampires (:

  3. URGH. My comment was all ready and then bloggers tells me ACCESS DENIED. *shakes fist at blogger*

    Let's try this again: I'm happy you loved the book because I was beginning to get really nervous about picking it up. I've read more negative reviews (about a Meg Cabot book!!! Shocking!) than positive but you've made me feel better.

    And I make piles out of my piles too. xD *huggles back*

  4. AbookAdventure - The cover is awesome up close, lots of detail.

    Emily - Alaric was awesome. I didn't think I would like it much either because I'm vampire prejudiced but the book made me laugh a lot and I did feel like I was seeing it like a movie.

    PiratePenguin: I hate when that happens. I liked the book very much, it is long though.

  5. This book was great- I read and blogged about it too-- check it out!

  6. I've never actually read a Cabot book but this one sounds incredibly neat!

  7. Sounds great. I haven't read any of Meg's adult books. A lot of people like this one.

  8. Oh now I'm definitely going to get this one!!

  9. Those names are severely lacking in subtlety. "Meena Harper"? Seriously?

    Not that this is a bad thing. There's something to be said for the bombastic sledgehammer, as well. ^_^


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