July 12, 2010

Series Review - The Bridgertons by Julia Quinn, Part 1

Part 1 - The Good

The stories about the Eight Bridgerton siblings form one of my favorite family sagas ever. However, as it's with very long series, it's a bit uneven so I decided to divide these reviews in The Good, the OK, the Meh. So, to start with the Good!!

ViscountThe Viscount Who Loved Me (Book 2)
Anthony, Viscount Bridgerton has decided he's going to marry this year, he's twenty-nine and thinks it's time he started having children, especially since he doesn't expect to live to be 40 and does want to have and heir and all that. Since the Belle of the Season is Edwina Sheffield, Anthony decides she's the one he's going to marry but there is a small obstacle in his plan: Kate Sheffield, Edwina's older sister who doesn't think rakes - and Anthony is a rake - make good husbands and it's not about to let her little sister ruin her life with a bad marriage.

Only that, on further acquittance, Anthony is not the big rake Kate thinks he is, hes quite devoted to his family, just as she is, and they might like each other far more than what is wise.

An Offer From a Gentleman
(Book 3)
GentleanSophie Beckett's life has never been particularly happy, born the bastard daughter of the Earl of Penwood, Sophie went from being regarded as a daughter of the house - the earl said she was his ward - to being little more than a slave once her father dies, leaving her at the mercy of his wife. When the other servants help her sneak out and go to Lady Bridgerton's famous masquerade ball, Sophie is just thinking of having a good time for a change.

Instead, she met Bennedict Bridgerton and experienced the kind of love at first sight that one only reads about in fairy tales... at least for one night.

Romancing Mr. Bridgerton
(Book 4)
RomancingColin Bridgerton has known Penelope Featherington most of his life, as she is his sister's Eloise best friend, and he once went as far as to declare that he was never going to marry Penelope Featherington... but Penelope has been in love with him from the moment she met him, and though she doesn't hope he'll love her back, she's quite sure she can't love anyone else.

Since Colin likes to travel, he and Penelope have seen each other as friends over the years, and now that Colin is 33 and Penelope 28, suddenly something is different between them. Maybe Penelope finally grew into herself, maybe Colin is just seeing her - really seeing her - for the first time.

One of the things I love the most about The Bridgertons is the deep sense of family they have, oh, you can read each book by itself - I started with Benedict's story, myself - but once you read it in order, you get a greater feeling of whom they are and enjoy the book so much more.

Anthony, Benedict and Colin are the oldest siblings of the B-Clan, and they pop into each others' stories often, which is quite fun. You do get to know them better through their interactions. And their heroines are super good, too. My favorite book is Anthony's, but my favorite heroine is definitely Penelope she was a huge secret that I think delighted everyone who had been following this family.

Julia Quinn writes lightly, her books are funny, her characters likable and in these books, she even sounded quite fresh. I often re-read these three, they are just so much fun.
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  1. I am not that into historical romance but "The Viscount who loved me" is one of the funniest book I ever read, I just finished the first book in the bridgerton series "I and the Duke" but I didn't like it.

  2. I love this series. I baby sat this series for my friend and read them all in one go! So much fun.

  3. i love romancing mr brigerton...absolutely one the toppers in my fav list...

  4. I just finished reading the book my cousin forced me to read, "The Viscount who loved me" and I must say its really great,funny and a real page-turner, I can't put it down :)

    I wonder if "Romancing Mr. Bridgerton" and "An Offer From a Gentleman" are any good?


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