July 24, 2010

At The Movies: Blue Crush

Blue CrushGirls get ready to surf as here we come with another installment of Summer Movies!

With the help of her friends, Anne Marie is preparing for a big surfing competition in Hawaii (where they live) while working at a resort in Maui and trying to stay afloat financially.

Anne Marie hasn't been in a competition since three years before she got hurt and almost drowned, but winning this one means everything to her and her friends, so she decides to try.

At the same time, she meets a football player, who at first hires her to teach him to surf but who might want more.

I had never seen this Blue Crush until recently and I enjoyed it a lot, it's a light summer movie. There is the beach, there is romance and there is friendship. And there are some kick ass surfing scenes. It's not the movie everyone was waiting for but it's fun. Plus, Kate Bosworth actually looked cute, back when she still had a body.



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  2. I don't think I've ever seen this. I may have heard of it but I'm not sure. Way too many movies with the word "blue" in the title...

    (sorry about first post! My mouse stuck)


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