July 19, 2010

Series Review - The Bridgertons by Julia Quinn, Part 2

The Okay - These are the books that, though they weren't as amazing to me as the ones for Part 1, are still pretty okay.

The Duke and I (Book 1)
DukeDaphne Bridgerton is probably one of the best liked debutantes of her season, and that is precisely her problem. Everyone thinks she's nice, almost like one of the guys, the perfect girl to be friends with but not really the type to inspire great passion.

Enter Simon Basset, the Duke of Leeds. Simon is as big as catch as anything in the marriage mart, and he happens to be Daphne's brother's best friend. And since he doesn't really want to get married, now or ever, he and Daphne strike a bargain: they shall pretend to be courting, nothing serious, so Daphne's status goes up and so Simon is spared from being accosted by every marriageable girl in London, and her mother.

But, what started as a convenient arrangement might turn into so much more.

Sir PhillipTo Sir Phillip With Love (Book 5)
Eloise Bridgerton likes to write letters and she particularly likes to write letters to Sir Phillip Crane, a recent widower who was married to one of her distant cousins. What started as a sympathy letter turned into friendship, though they had never met. And when Sir Phillip asks Eloise to come visit him so they can see if they might suit well, Eloise is very tempted to go.

Phillip isn't exactly looking for romance, but he would dearly like some help in raising his unruly children - twins, boy and girl - and he does think he might like to be married to someone happy (unlike his first wife) as Eloise sounds in her letters.

What he doesn't know is that nothing is simple when it comes to Eloise Bridgerton

WickedWhen He Was Wicked (Book 6)
Francesca Bridgerton thought she had her happy ending when she married John, earl of Kilmartin just a few months after they met. But John died soon after, leaving her alone save for Michael, John's cousin and her dear friend.

Michael has a secret though, he has been in love with Francesca since they first met, during her engagement ball.

Unable to cope with his cousin's death, Michael leaves for India, where he spends many years while Francesca stays in England -and Scotland - coming to terms with what she lost and deciding what she wants for the rest of her life.

And then Michael comes back...

Alright, it's not that I don't love these Bridgerton girls, it's just that for some reason or another, I didn't love their books, I just liked them. Oddly enough, the girls don't seem quite as close as the brothers, I don't know why but that's how I feel. Simon and Phillip are adequate heroes - I mean, they are heroic enough - but well, I don't know, they aren't as charming as the Bridgerton brothers. Michael is a very good hero though! I do have to say that.

So, there you have it. These books are okay, not remarkable but nice enough reads.

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