July 10, 2010

Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn

Ten ThingsAnnabel Winslow's first London season isn't turning out to be as fun as she had hoped. With her family's financial security depending on her marring well, she feels selfish in admitting that she does not want to marry the Earl of Newbury - the only suitor she has who can provide for her family as well.

Newbury is old - as old as her grandparents, who are sponsoring her for the season - and the only reason he wants Annabel is because he's in desperate need of an heir and Annabel, given her wide hips and big boobs, looks like she can have plenty of children.

But there is one problem, Newbury's nephew Sebastian Grey - the heir presumptive - a former army sniper whom Annabel befriends at a ball, finding out until later that he's Newbury's detested nephew.

Sebastian is funny, he listens to her, not to mention that he's young and handsome and actually looks at her face rather than at her breasts when she talks to him, but Newbury wants her and her grandparents are very much in pro of the match which leaves Annabel feeling a bit trapped.

Ten Things I Love About You
is a fun, lighthearted book. Annabel and Sebastian are fun funny, charming people and very likable and I wanted them to be happy. Oh, and Sebastian has one delicious secret identity! I LOVED that aspect of the book.

That being said, I also felt the book was a bit too simple, Newbury's dislike of Seb was superficial at best, and it's never explained and I felt like everything resolved too quickly. Also, the way they were constantly describing Annabel's figure as that of a "Fertility Goddess" well, it was fun the first time they said it but by the third it was beginning to sound offensive, and by the tenth I was beyond annoyed.

Favorite Quote: "How tart. Positively lemonish of you."

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  1. I haven't read this one yet! Probably should get to it soon!


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